Metalgalvano starts in 1948, offering the first galvanizing for aesthetic details of Radio-tv sets.
Then the finishing processes become electroplating, vacuum metallization(years 60/70) and coating, supplemented by screen printing and pad printing thermoplastics in the electronics industry, a market where the company consolidates a position at European level.
In the early 80’s metalgalvano offers the first coating of plastic parts in the Automotive industry.
In the early 90’s it presents and produces it’s first particularly innovative offers in the cosmetic packaging sector.
Today the company is on the market with the production structure in growing technological evolution.
There are seven lines of paint with the possibility of working on different size details up to a capacity of about 150.000 pieces per line.
The factory in Saronno has an inner surface of 6000 square meters and its higly skilled staff is of about 40 people.


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