1. Mission

    Metalgalvano S.r.l. Code of Ethics is edited by the Management Board, approved by the Chief Executive Officer; it defines all behaviours which have to be respected from the totality of interested parts.

    The implementation responsibility of Code of Ethics is assigned to the Management Board.
    The introduction of this Code integrates and develops norms included in the Quality Management System Procedures.

  2. Addresse

    The current Code of Ethics is addressed to all the employees and the partners, who establish any kind of relationship with the company, fixed or temporary, or work in order to reach the business aims. Here below, they will be called with the term “People”.

    People who violate the principles and the rules of this code, hurt directly the faith relationship with Metalgalvano.
    All the “people” have to know the Code of Ethics, and have to contribute to its realization, its improvement and its diffusion. The company makes an effort to give a copy of the current Code of Ethics to all the employees and the partners, sharing in this way contents and aims.

  3. Values


    • Wants to create faith and accuracy
    • Doesn’t accept compromises on integrity
    • Takes care of its Customers and People
    • Complies with the change in order to reach results

  4. Norms and Behaviour Standards

    1. Metalgalvano makes an effort to guarantee:

      Impartiality: it wants to offer equal professional opportunities to all the employees and partners, basing on the professional qualifications and the performance abilities, without discrimination of ethnic group, religion, opinion, nationality, gender, age, physical and social conditions;

      Work Environment: it guarantees that in the professional relationships, internal or external ones, sexual assaults don’t ever happen, that behaviours or initiatives which create an intimidating and hostile work environment for individuals or groups of workers, that interfere negatively with the execution of the working performance of other people, that hinder the prospective of work and / or career of others, for mere reasons of personal competitiveness, are not implemented.

      Health and Safety: it promotes and protects the health and the safety of its employees and partners.

    2. “People” makes an effort to guarantee:

      Responsibility: providing collaboration and activities, consistently with the tasks, the aims and assigned responsibilities;

      Company Climate: contributing to the creation of a professional climate in which all people feel positively involved to achieve the business aims;

      Honesty: using company assets and resources to protect their conservation and functionality and the respect of the instructions for the IT system, the Internet and email use.

      Privacy: ensuring the higher caution and care in the use of information deriving from the performance of one's duties, which are not in the public domain.

      Conflict of Interests: avoiding all situations and activities in which a conflict of interest between personal economic activities and duties held in the Company or the interests of the Company itself may arise.

      Free Samples: accepting and offering, directly or indirectly, acts of commercial courtesy, such as gifts, payments and benefits, only when they are such that they cannot be interpreted as aimed at obtaining improper advantages for oneself or for the Company.

      Health and Safety: participating actively in the process of risks prevention, environmental protection and protection of health and safety with regard to themselves, colleagues and third parts.

  5. Anticorruption

    The ethical escalation policy ("whistle-blowing" policy) is very important to ensure the information in the event that a person identifies an activity in which a person detects a possible fraud during the working activity in the company, a danger or other serious risks that could damage customers, colleagues, shareholders or the company reputation itself, decides to make a report.

    Metalgalvano encourages "people" to report irregularities: all reports, both signed and anonymous, will be handled reservedly.

    The procedures to report an irregularity are implemented and will be applied in an appropriate manner to ensure that all data processed will remain reserved.
    For the anonymous reports, no effort should be made to obtain the person identity.

    Immediately after reporting an irregularity, an investigation is initiated by the Program Manager with coordination of the Management Committee.

    The result of the report treatment, will be brought to the attention of the people through the Quality Notice Board, guaranteeing the anonymity of the reporting person, if requested.

  6. Implementation Tools

    The responsibility for the application of the Code of Ethics is assigned to the Management Committee.

    The tasks of the Management Committee are the following:

    • To ensure the higher diffussion of the Code of Ethics to all the "People";
    • To inform the Management on the status of the code implementation at least once a year;
    • To check that the Code of Ethics and the behaviours of the "people" are consistent and, therefore, ascertain any news of violation, involving the functions which are included in the provisions of the case;
    • To verify the adequacy of the code and the rules introduced with it, to prevent behaviours not intended by the Company;
    • To update the code to keep it always appropriate to the reality of the Company.